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25t Tunnel Segment Cars

Segment car overall structure including body segment transporter, segment damping rubber mat, hand brake device (or parking brake, the user can choose according to need) walking shock absorbing device, etc, has the advantages of large load,good brake,easy maintenance feature

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25t Tunnel Segment Cars 

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Segment car as the auxiliary equipment in shield machine construction, mainly used for transporting segment and materials.According to the different operating stations and enhance the braking capacity, manual braking devices are divided into vertical and horizontal forms.In order to ensure the stability and safety of the segment transportation process, set 30mm rubber anti-skid between the segment car and  "U" car body.The segment car use two axle bearing box walking device, on the two axle box two side sets  of compound rubber spring, which not only improves the stability of the segment car, but also greatly extends the service life of the bearing.The car has two optional braking modes, simple structure and convenient maintenance.


1. Box structure, large capacity

2. High rigidity, spring rubber damping

3. Has rubber cushion, avoid hard touching and friction

4. Hand brake for anti-slide function

5. air braking, wilson coupling and safe chain

Technical data:

Model, specifications


Outline dimensions

4320×1500×626mm(could prolong)

Front and rear traction pin center distance




Equipment weight






Wheel diameter


The braking mode

Manual mechanical brake method(air brake can be provided as required)

Minimum turning radius


Shock absorbing mode

Cylindrical helical compression spring shock absorber


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