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wholesale 20t segment car

  • 8m3 Tunnel Muck Car

    8m3 Tunnel Muck CarIntroduction of the muck truck The muck car is specially design for the tunnel towing machine for locomotives, it consist of 8m3,16m3,18m3,20m3. The muck truck is used for transportation of soil、gravel and other spoil, consist by running gear、car chassis、slag、air brake system and other main...Read More

  • 22m3 Muck Car for Sale

    22m3 Muck Car for SaleIntroduction of the muck truck Henan Zhongsui Engineering Equipment are specially manufacture tunnel locomotives and supporting equipment, which include battery locomotive, diesel locomotives, muck truck, mortar vehicle, segment car, flat car, personnel car, etc. The muck truck mainly for...Read More

  • 25t Tunnel Segment Car

    25t Tunnel Segment CarIntroduction of the segment car The segment car is used for tunnel construction equipment for large tunnel and subway segment transporting. The segment car include 15t,20t,25t weight. The segment cars body adopts "concave" type of welded steel structure; segment and car body contact...Read More

  • 12 Seat Menrider Car

    12 Seat Menrider Car12 seat men rider car 1. Introduction of 12 seat man rider car Personnel carrier vehicle is the urban city tunnel shield construction back-up supporting vehicle. Mainly used for shield tunneling machine and transportation of operators. Structure: Mainly consists of: carriage assembly, ceiling...Read More

  • 10m3 Mortar Car

    10m3 Mortar CarIntroduction of the mortar vehicle The 10m3 mortar vehicle is used for tunnel construction equipment, grouting transportation, used for tunnel shield back-up equipments. It mainly consist mortar truck series , The walking department adopt two axle bearing box loading walking device, vehicle...Read More

  • 3m3 Mortar Car

    3m3 Mortar Car3m3 mortar vehicle is used for tunnel, subway, metro mortar stirring transport vehicles, its structure is simple, seal is reliable, it mainly used for mortar transportation, consist by car body, working department, dynamic system, stirring system and electric control system. The walking...Read More

  • Tunnel Menrider Car

    Tunnel Menrider CarMan ride car, man riding car, personnel car, staff car, tour car1.Read More

  • 15T Tunnel Flat Car

    15T Tunnel Flat CarFlat car are for tunnel, metro and subway transport material, and workers, welded parts and toolsRead More

  • 10T Tunnel Flat Car

    10T Tunnel Flat CarFlat(material) car is mainly for underground tunnel construction , municipal administration synthesis pipe gallery and metro. meterial and tools transportingRead More

  • 15T 6.5m Tunnel Flat Car

    15T 6.5m Tunnel Flat Carflat car is mainly use for tunnel and metro material transport, traction by battery and diesel electric locomotive, muck car, mortar car, segment car, man riding cars, etc.Read More