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subway muck truck

  • 15m3 Muck Car

    15m3 Muck Car

    15m3 Tunnel muck car is use for tunneling slurry and muck transport tunnel towing machine. Main has bucket, chasis, bogie, brake system. On both ends install traction pin or wilson coupling connection device, for connecting with battery powered locomotive. Capacity 8m3,15m3,18m3,and 22m3.Read More

  • 18m3 Muck Cars

    18m3 Muck Cars

    The muck truck is used for tunnel tunneling shipment slag residue transport equipment.This muck car is has bogie, chasis, bucket,etc. We are specially muck car manufacturer, This muck car is model 15m3,18m3,and 22m3,with clean discharge rateRead More

  • 8m3 Tunnel Muck Car

    8m3 Tunnel Muck Car

    The muck car is design for the tunnel support machine for ac locomotives, for transport soil, gravel and slurry out of the tunnel during shield construct. it consists of 8m3,15m3,18m3,22m3. The muck car has muck bucket, chasis, and bogie, brake device, etc. Has rotate chasis, good security,high reliability, clean discharge, two discharge model.Read More

  • 22m3 Muck Car for Sale

    22m3 Muck Car for Sale

    The tunnel muck car muck truck mainly for transport tunnel excavated soil, gravel, spoils out, which dragged by tunneling battery operated locomotives, walking steady, the quality is reliable and flexible turning.Read More