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metro diesel engine locomotive

  • 35t Underground Battery Locomotive

    35t Underground Battery Locomotive35t large traction tunneling construction battery operated locomotive description: tunnel construction equipment,underground large tunnel boring equipment,tunneling machines,reboring machine,underground utilities,slurry tbm,epb,underground tunnel boring machine,epb tunnel boring machine,slurry...Read More

  • 25t Underground Tunneling Battery Locomotive

    25t Underground Tunneling Battery Locomotive25t tunnel battery locomotive introduce: 25t tunneling battery locomotives is design and manufacture for underground narrow gauge (600,762,900mm) track gauge, with durable battery box as power source, and through the frequency convertor convert into adjustable speed reducer, then transmit this...Read More

  • 25t Tunnel Battery Train Locomotives For Epb Shield Metro

    25t Tunnel Battery Train Locomotives For Epb Shield Metro45t tunnel battery powered locomotives for mainly for long and big tunneling construction,tbm battery locomotives are mainly service for the large tunneling construction tbm equipment, like epb tbm, tunnel boring machine, and slurry tbm, etc. Adhesive weight is about 45t.Read More

  • 20T Mine Electric Locomotive

    20T Mine Electric LocomotiveThe underground battery electric mining locomotive has charactor of explosion-proof, and battery traction, super capacitor tractor locomotive, and flexible operations.Read More

  • 45t Underground Diesel Locomotives Manufacturers

    45t Underground Diesel Locomotives ManufacturersChina 45t underground tunnel diesel locomotives for sale Diesel locomotive introduction: The tunneling diesel locomotive has adopt Sweden Volvo generator diesel engine, weight from 25t~55t, rail gauge is narrow rail gauge:900.762.600mm. It is with reasonable structure, large traction, clean...Read More

  • 45t Tunnelling Electric Locomotive Manufacturers

    45t Tunnelling Electric Locomotive Manufacturers45t tunnelling battery-driven locomotives simple introduction: 45t tunnel battery locomotive China professional manufacturer: We are focus on tunneling construction used battery operated narrow gauge high quality strong performance tunnel battery locomotive, muck car, mucking truck, flat car,...Read More

  • 45t Tunnel Locomotive Manufacturers

    45t Tunnel Locomotive Manufacturers45t tunnel traction battery locomotive is mainly use for tunnel transport vehicles, tract slurry muck , segment for a tunnel construction site.Read More

  • 45t Diesel Locomotive for sale

    45t Diesel Locomotive for sale45t tunnel diesel locomotive Mechanical and electrical traction locomotive is take diesel engine as power source, motor power of 110x2KW, through cross - straight – ac frequency drive, narrow rail mine used mechanical and electrical traction locomotive (hereinafter referred to as the...Read More

  • 25t Tunnel Diesel Locomotive

    25t Tunnel Diesel LocomotiveDiesel locomotive is take diesel VOLVO generator as power source, through AC-DC-AC frequency conversion, narrow gauge used mechanical electric diesel locomotive, it used for tunnel, metro , subway tunneling construction, of shield back-up machinery.Read More

  • 45t Ge Diesel Electric Locomotive

    45t Ge Diesel Electric Locomotive45t cheap tunnel large electro diesel locomotive brief introduction: 45t cheap tunnel large electro diesel locomotive are mainly run on rail of the tunnel, diesel engine with Volvo engines, 45t cheap tunnel large electro diesel locomotive patent: They may be designed or adapted mainly for...Read More