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cheap 15t Subway transport segment vehicle

  • Multi Service Vehicle

    Multi Service VehicleThe large slope tunnel rubber wheel traction locomotive is the perfect solution for the rail transit of the large slope tunnel. The locomotive adopts the rubber wheel traction and the wheel is oriented, which is applicable to the construction of the slope tunnel of more than 5%.Read More

  • 15T 6.5m Tunnel Flat Car

    15T 6.5m Tunnel Flat Carflat car is mainly use for tunnel and metro material transport, traction by battery and diesel electric locomotive, muck car, mortar car, segment car, man riding cars, etc.Read More

  • 20t Tunnel Segment Cars

    20t Tunnel Segment CarsIntroduction of the segment car Our company produced segment transport car overall structure including body segment transporter, segment damping rubber mat, hand brake device (or parking brake, the user can choose according to need) walking shock absorbing device, etc, has the advantages of...Read More

  • Multi Service Vehicle For Sale

    Multi Service Vehicle For SaleLarge diameter tunnel construction truck is suitable for large diameter 10 mm and above, the model is mainly used to transport tunnel segment and box culvert, vehicle width is generally greater than 2.5 m, the bearing platform is upper plate type, platform height is about 1.5 m, the platform set fixture and rotating mechanism for special segment and box culvert, used to adjust the segment and box culvert posture, convenient to docking with the trolley carRead More

  • Multi Service Vehicle

    Multi Service VehicleMSV is suit for small and midium tunnel construction auxiliary vehicles, tunnel diameter is within 5m~10m (such tunnels are mainly like water workers, municipal and coal tunnels), and the MSV wide range of vehicles is 1.2m~ 2.5m;The load-bearing platform is a concave plate, which can transport segment, bulk material, mortar, etc. It can also be installed on the platform, such as a crane basket, a person's box, etc as maintenance vehicle and person transport vehicle.Read More

  • 25t Tunnel Segment Car

    25t Tunnel Segment CarIntroduction of the segment car The segment car is used for tunnel construction equipment for large tunnel and subway segment transporting. The segment car include 15t,20t,25t weight. The segment cars body adopts "concave" type of welded steel structure; segment and car body contact...Read More