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Tunnel muck truck manufacturers

  • 8m3 Tunnel Muck Car

    8m3 Tunnel Muck CarIntroduction of the muck truck The muck car is specially design for the tunnel towing machine for locomotives, it consist of 8m3,16m3,18m3,20m3. The muck truck is used for transportation of soil、gravel and other spoil, consist by running gear、car chassis、slag、air brake system and other main...Read More

  • 55t Tunnel Electric Locomotives

    55t Tunnel Electric LocomotivesHigh quality 55t tunnel traction battery electric locomotives introduce: our company produced metro and tunnel used battery powered locomotives horizontal transport vehicles in two forms: battery locomotives and diesel locomotives, mainly 25T, 35T, 45T, 50T, 55T and other forms of sticky weight....Read More

  • 35T Tunnel Super Capacitor Locomotive

    35T Tunnel Super Capacitor LocomotiveThe underground battery electric mining locomotive has charactor of explosion-proof, and battery traction, super capacitor tractor locomotive, and flexible operations.Read More

  • 45t Diesel-powered Tunnel Locomotives

    45t Diesel-powered Tunnel LocomotivesIntroduction of 45t China diesel-powered tunnel locomotives for tunnel haulage equipment: China diesel-powered tunnel locomotives for tunnel shield tbm haulage, is take diesel engine as the power source, ac-dc-ac frequency transmission, narrow gauge used tunneling diesel powered tunnel...Read More

  • 45t Tunnel Battery Train Locomotives For Epb Shield Metro

    45t Tunnel Battery Train Locomotives For Epb Shield Metro45t tunnel battery powered locomotives for mainly for long and big tunneling construction,tbm battery locomotives are mainly service for the large tunneling construction tbm equipment, like epb tbm, tunnel boring machine, and slurry tbm, etc. Adhesive weight is about 45t.Read More

  • 50t Tunnel Battery Powered Locomotives

    50t Tunnel Battery Powered Locomotives50t battery locomotive DPC-50t battery locomotive series DC/AC inversion battery for industrial and mine electric locomotive employs DC/AC inversion and speed regulation and computer intelligent control technologies, and has the advantages of large startup tractive force, good braking...Read More

  • 45t Tunnelling Electric Locomotive Manufacturers

    45t Tunnelling Electric Locomotive Manufacturers45t tunnelling battery-driven locomotives simple introduction: 45t tunnel battery locomotive China professional manufacturer: We are focus on tunneling construction used battery operated narrow gauge high quality strong performance tunnel battery locomotive, muck car, mucking truck, flat car,...Read More

  • 15T Tunnel Flat Car

    15T Tunnel Flat CarFlat car are for tunnel, metro and subway transport material, and workers, welded parts and toolsRead More