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MSVs cars rubber tire wheel

  • 25t Tunnel Segment Cars

    25t Tunnel Segment Cars

    Segment car overall structure including body segment transporter, segment damping rubber mat, hand brake device (or parking brake, the user can choose according to need) walking shock absorbing device, etc, has the advantages of large load,good brake,easy maintenance featureRead More

  • 18m3 Muck Cars

    18m3 Muck Cars

    The muck truck is used for tunnel tunneling shipment slag residue transport equipment.This muck car is has bogie, chasis, bucket,etc. We are specially muck car manufacturer, This muck car is model 15m3,18m3,and 22m3,with clean discharge rateRead More

  • 20t Tunnel Segment Cars

    20t Tunnel Segment Cars

    The segment car is mainly for transport segment into the tunnel during shield construct,also transport materials. Include car body,walking part, etc. On two ends equipped with shaft pin traction joint plate, connect with tunnel locomotive. At present, has load for 10~35t,customized by client's require.Read More