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ZTY450/900E(D)tunnel Locomotives
- Apr 08, 2017 -

ZTY450/900E  is Zhongsui company according to customer’s request, and combined with our company low pollution locomotive specially meet your company requirements of a narrow tunnel locomotives products.

ZTY450/7900E(D) tunnel tractor install power is 30kW450PS,this locomotives selected engine, hydraulic torque converter, and power shift gear box, hydraulic system components are all imported components; Braking system, electrical components key components are all domestic advanced level products, has good reliability, versatility and maintainability.

Main technical parameter and specification:

Locomotive model: ZTY450/900ED

Power: 330kW(450PS)

Transmission type:hydraulic driving                              

Gauge: 900mm

Distance: 3100mm

Wheelbase diameter: φ840mm

minimum radium diameter: 25m

Max. running speed(flatway): 3540km/h

Max. traction force:(flat straight):1400t

Whole vehicle weight:45t

Max. slope climbing capacity: 45