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Zhongsui Tunnel Used Battery Locomotive Main Charactors Description
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Zhongsui tunnel used battery locomotive main charactors description:

1. battery locomotive has the real-time detection on the failure of the wheel brake shoe, and the detection result has the fault indication and alarm.

2.  anti-slip braking technology (patent) : the driving system is the spare brake shoe brake mechanism, the braking capacity is equal to the braking capacity of the locomotive brake shoe. The anti-slip brake is not related to the track medium factor, it is the emergency backup brake device for the tunnel battery locomotive loading, the technology of the device is mature, which has greatly improved the safety performance index of the tunnel battery locomotive.

3. to prevent the battery overdischarge control technology: accurate given the battery has the remaining 10% is given, to ensure that the locomotive can run normally to replace the battery, inhibit the over discharge of the battery, ensure the normal use.

4.  the battery locomotive battery is low can self-rescue technology.

5. the same tonnage or different tonnage locomotive traction technology, set up large tonnage and the formation of larger tonnage traction locomotive model, and the implementation under the big, long ramp, heavy-load transportation construction efficiency.

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