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Zhongsui Company Diesel Locomotive Compare With Battery Locomotives Advantages Comparision
- May 22, 2017 -

Zhongsui company are founded in April, 2015, are mainly manufacture tunnel battery and diesel electromechanical locomotives, muck car, mortar vehicles, segment car, etc, after years of development, we have approved ISO9001:2008 certification. Our battery locomotive, diesel-electric locomotives,  also can used for tunneling, urban utility tunnel, utility tunnel, municipal-service tunnel, municipal tunnel. Underground pipe gallery, utility tunnel, the underground complex battery locomotive, comprehensive tunnel of underground tube

Compare with the battery locomotive and diesel-electric locomotives: 

The whole vehicle free maintenance and good performance:

A) with the dc – ac motor all locomotive’s advantages;

B) imported VOLVO generators, low noise, small exhaust, stable and reliable in performance.

C) diesel locomotive fuel feed is convenient, the locomotive no need change the battery to charge for a long time, thus can effectively improve the marshalling work time;

D)Transducer power unit and control panel all general has no contacting point, can ensure long-term reliable running.

E) ac motor has no rectiblock and carbon brush etc dynamical friction element, can long-term free of maintenance running.

F) The electric braking undertake most of the brake requirement, shoe wear is less.

G) start gently, to avoid the traditional transmission impact, greatly extend the service life of the transmission system;

Therefore, In the period of life span, the mechanical and electrical integration of locomotive basically has not a make-over, the generator unit adopt imported motor, performance stable and reliable, shoe and quick-wear part change cycle is long, daily maintenance work are very less. 

35t tunnel battery locomotive.jpg