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Wholesale Battery Locomotive Work In The Mountain Tunnel Drug In 3 Hours
- Oct 20, 2017 -

In the hangzhou highway, a tunnel through the mountain is being chipped, used for excavate the tunnel is called a rock drill, which is work with our tunnel battery locomotives.

The whole picture of the device looks like this

Only Sweden, Japan and China can make such devices. In the past, Sweden imported the most advanced rock drill in China, with a price of 10 million yuan, arguably the most expensive engineering machine for mountain tunnel. Xu gong, China's largest engineering machinery maker in 2017, made the expensive equipment and has been successfully used, as well as our tbm battery locomotive.

The tunnel was dug in this way

When HangShao highway tunnel excavated, if no jumbo driller, need 17 or 20 people, with huge noise can put hands shook hemp, blower gun manually, constantly take turns to work 3 hours continuously, can only explore in 3 meters of the tunnel.

If you use a three-arm drill, you need only 3 people and 4 meters work done in 3 hours .It doesn't look like it's too fast, but it can bring down labor risk and intensity down.And the driller jomboo equipment can work continuously, basically do not need to rest.