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What Is MSV
- Apr 24, 2018 -

MSVs are multi-service vehicles designed to transport heavy loads in complex and narrow environments. According to the customer needs, a MSV can transport precast elements, grout tanks, material platforms, personnel modules etc. It can be designed from a single tractor to a tractor with several trailers. Each MSV product has the same type of coding name including the payload, type of MSV, width.



  • Double cabin = double traffic direction

  • Modularity: transportation of loads, personnel, rescue chambers

  • Tyres: circulation on all types of field

  • Brakes: extremely high-performing braking distances 

  • Different steering systems: normal, short and crab

  • Gradients: multi-service vehicles allow use on steep gradients greater than 20%

  • Turning radius: very tight turning radius

Unlike rolling stock, MSVs do not require rails, saving a huge amount of time and money in the setup and cleaning of rails on the jobsite.