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Tunnelling battery Locomotive with diesel locomotives classification
- Mar 21, 2017 -

① passenger locomotive:

Traction bus range of locomotives, need to have a high running speed and starting acceleration, and can run for long distance, but the traction is not necessarily great.

② freight locomotive:

Traction truck trains, there must be a considerable traction, can run for long distance, but the speed does not have to be high.

③ passenger and freight general locomotive (or general locomotive):

Trailer (a large number of passenger cars) or a lighter fast truck (loaded fresh goods, refrigerated goods, etc.) car, its performance between the locomotive and freight locomotive between.

④ shunting locomotive:

In the station or marshalling station (field) for the disassembly and marshalling of the car, such as pull out, turn the line and the vehicle delivery and other operations of the locomotive. This locomotive starts and stops frequently, forward and reverse traveling frequently, should have enough adhesive weight, traction, starting acceleration, the necessary power and good commutation performance, the operating speed can be lower. There are two kinds of shunting locomotives and shunting locomotives. The former is suitable for the bus station bus or part of the truck lane picking and pull out operations, but also for industrial and mining enterprises in the factory transport, the required power is smaller; the latter for marshalling station (field) Marshalling and pull out operations, but also doubles as short-distance transport.

⑤ industrial locomotive:

As the mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, forest and other internal transport and factory interior transport locomotive. Generally speaking, the power than the railway trunk with the locomotive is small, the speed requirements are not high, but there must be sufficient traction. In some special factory transport with the locomotive must also have fire, explosion and other facilities. To this end, there are several specially designed locomotives, such as: compressed air locomotives, compressed air tank instead of steam locomotive boiler, the compressed air pressure down to the cylinder work; no fire steam locomotive, also known as steam locomotive, the actual Is a conventional steam locomotive without fire box, is a certain pressure and the corresponding temperature of the saturated steam and saturated water stored in the insulation of the boiler pressure down to the cylinder work; battery locomotive, carrying their own battery to the traction motor to drive the wheel Electric locomotive.