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Tunnel used and industrial mine series of Locomotives introduction
- Mar 21, 2017 -

Locomotive is traction or push the railway vehicle to run, and itself does not load the operating load of self-propelled vehicles, commonly known as the locomotive.

locomotives that run on rails, For the type of heavy-haulage traction engine, it has battery and diesel two types. It is widely used in the tunnel, large TBM construction site, mainly as the TBM supporting machine. It has clean emission, low operation cost, safety, simple operation,convenient maintenance and long service life,which has been universally accepted and praised by customers,has been generally recognized and praise by the customers.

Its main characters:

1.All voltage feedback braking control technology (patent), cancel the braking energy

2. Toyo company excellent imported frequency converter, motor running without harmonic component, without additional heating and temperature rise, low fault rate and the locomotive’s traction with high efficiency, energy saving, motors and batteries using life are relatively prolong.

3. The most reasonable voltage configuration, voltage battery locomotive running miles is long, locomotive traction on 30 ‰ slope running total mileage greater than 60 km

4.With functions of real-time detection of the wheel brake failure, the test results have failure indicator and the alarm.