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Tunnel Tbm Bakcup System Of Battery Locomotive Drive System
- Sep 06, 2017 -

Tunnel tbm bakcup system of battery locomotive drive system

The tunnel battery locomotive Mechanical transmission system of battery locomotive composed by reduction box, universal shaft coupling and locomotive walk department. The battery locomotive’s gearbox is a fully enclosed cone - cylindrical gear two- stage reducer. The power passed to the universal joint through a motor  transmit to universal shaft pinion. At the first grade, from the large circular bevel gears are transmitted to the low-speed cylindrical gears. After the secondary deceleration, by the big round cylindrical gear to drive the battery locomotives’s walking wheel.  

CTEE- the whole tunnel eingeering, large tbm project, and  contractor shield backup equipment, tunnel construction used battery loco, and good quality Volvo large traction diesel train engine electric locomotives manufacture in China.