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Tunnel Shield Equipment Construction Analysis
- Aug 26, 2017 -

Currently, the shield tunnel construction equipment commonly used is single-mode earth pressure balance or slurry balance shield machine. Two mode of shield machine each has its advantages in construction: The slurry balance shield is mainly for noncohesive water sand and soft plastic flow, liquidity and other special soft stratum, use the slurry balance shield good mud pressure control ability, could more better maintain stability of the working face, to reduce ground surface subsidence. The earth pressure balance shield are suitable for all kinds of soil layer and composite formation, using range is wide, this kind of shield tunnel tractor locomotive and related shield equipment has improved in muck car, and 45t battery locomotive or 25t battery locomotive in order to promote the excavation muck liquid, make the muck has plasticity and waterproofness, screw machine soil is smooth, the earth bin pressure easy to control and stability.

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