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tunnel locomotives brief introduction
- Mar 21, 2017 -

① thermal locomotive:

The prime mover is a heat engine, such as steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, gas turbines and so on. This type of locomotive carries fuel and water, is the energy locomotive, can travel independently, as long as there is a suitable track and add fuel and water equipment, can run. However, the weight and dimensions of the locomotive are constrained by the axle load and the railway boundary, and the weight and size of the power plant installed in the locomotive are not limited.

Diesel and gas turbines are internal combustion engines, equipped with these two prime mover locomotives known as diesel locomotives. China's main Dongfeng diesel locomotive (DF). Diesel locomotive installation of the transmission device transmission, but also divided into mechanical transmission diesel locomotives, power transmission diesel locomotives and hydraulic transmission diesel locomotives; gas turbine is also true.

② electric locomotive:

A locomotive that is supplied by an external power station to a substation along a railway and then powered by a rail over a track or a third rail laid on the track side. Power supply capacity is not limited by the rated power, therefore, it has a large power, short-term overload capacity, high speed, fast speed, traction, no smoke exhaust pollution environment, etc., for transport busy or slope, Long rail lines, especially for suburban transport and subway transport. But this locomotive can only run on the shelves or laying the third track and power supply on the line, not as flexible and flexible motorcycles. The electrified railway also has interference with nearby telecommunications. Because to set up a catenary or laying the third track and set a certain distance from the substation, so the capital construction investment. China has Shaoshan electric locomotive (SS).