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Tunnel Construction Used Segment car catalogue for tunnel Metro construction
- Mar 21, 2017 -

Segment car is the only equipment take the segment from tunnel outside to shield segment assemble structure, each train has transport two section, each section load three segments, during design should pay attention:1.also consider the shield inside limit size and segment design size, according to domestic segment design has two types, that is 1200mm and 1500mm, so segment designed width generally is no more than this two types; 2. When the segments stacked on the segment car, must contact with segment car flexibly,that set professional rubber mat,Rubber pad position should be suitable for segment stress, to prevent damage of segment in the process of transportation;3,three segment stack up to segment car,the shield crane hang the most upper segment car, muck from the second segment most upper side smoothly through. 5,walking device should set buffer device, to ensure the braking reliable.

Segment car parameters

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