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Tunnel Battery Locomotive's Applications In The Shield tunneling project
- May 03, 2017 -

The selection of the tunnel battery locomotives

The battery locomotives is the power tools transport the muck from the shield tunneling machine to hoist, whether choose right is directly related to the hole normal transportate, so mainly considering as follows:

1)     Each battery locomotive must equipped with tract one mortar vehicle, two segment cars and five muck cars and the full load capacity;

2)     Can assure safe start at the 35‰ slope and tract the whole train normally running;

3)     Has electric brake,air brake and manual brake three braking way

4)     Has frequency device,to adapt different working conditions

5)     Matched single battery charger to assure 10km transport

6)     Because battery locomotives and the muck car, mortar vehicles, segment car is a unified transport system, hence, for overall brake, rail gauge,and connection way should have the overall deployment. 

battery locomotive for tunnel shileld project