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Tunnel Battery Locomotive Frequency Convertor System
- Oct 17, 2017 -

High quality traction type inverter and speed control system

Our company tunneling battery locomotive’s frequency convertor are adopt Dongyang's inverter, the frequency has many advantages, such as strong resistance to high humidity, wide temperature range of working environment, large overload capacity than the common frequency convertor, low failure rate and so on. The tunnel battery Locomotive speed control system is developed by ourcompany, its main features are: electrical and control safety redundancy measures are complete, strong ability to resist bad environment, system control operation is simple, stable and reliable running etc.

Henan Zhongsui Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer tunnel construction battery locomotive, diesel locomotives,Muck car,Segment Conveyor,grout car and multi service vehicles, tunneling Track tractor (vehicle);Sale to tunnel underground subway battery powered transport locomotive. The locomotive has the advantages of clean emission, low operating cost, safety, simple operation, convenient maintenance and long service life, which has been universally accepted and praised by customers.