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Tunnel Back Up Equipment Installation Requirements Of Battery Locomotive
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Battery locomotive railway and rail installations

After the tunnel operation, the installation requirements of the supporting equipment, the installation of the electric battery locomotives, shall be 900-910mm, and the curve section 905-920mm.The track gauge is 2075-2085mm.2. The laying distance of the sleeper shall be 1500mm, the joint location shall be properly encrypted, and the orbital cantilever shall not exceed 800mm.3. The height difference between the rails shall not exceed 5mm, and the rail and sleeper shall be connected with the pressure plate, and the bolt shall be fastened. The gap between the rail joints is not greater than 3mm.4. The trajectory of the line segment is high, and the outer arc of the curve should be higher than the inner arc 5-20mm.5. The rail terminal is installed rail block device, to prevent the battery locomotive’s slid. 6. The rail gauge rod is installed 1 root per 3 ring, and curve section each 2 ring install 1 pc.

2. The installation of the walkway plate. The walkway install shall be solid and reliable,keep smooth and smooth.2. The guardrail rope should be inserted into the rail, and it should not be wound.3. The walkway board and the guardrail should be installed in time, and the number of tunneling rings will be extended.