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The Vietnam’s First Light Rail Operated Next Year Use Diesel Engine Locomotive
- Nov 08, 2017 -

The light rail project in Hanoi, Vietnam's capital, is set to be formally operational next year, the first of its kind of light rail in the country.

The project shall be carried out in accordance with Chinese standards, from planning and design, technical standards and construction specifications to engineering equipment procurement, installation and construction supervision.

By China railway construction 6 bureau, the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi JiLing to hedong city light rail project will be opened next year, the light rail will not only become China's first light rail, light rail into Vietnam is also the first article of the Vietnam national light rail, light rail project is one of the Vietnamese people most looking forward to.

All projects adopt the "Chinese standard"

The Vietnamese government plans to build an urban rail transit network in the capital, Hanoi, and ho chi minh city, according to a long-term plan for Vietnam's transportation network between 2000 and 2020.After a thorough consideration by the Vietnamese government, the first light rail project was handed over to China railway six bureaus for construction. JiLing to hedong line is a traffic main artery of Hanoi rail transit network, line whole length is the 13.02 km, line across the board adopts high way construction, whole line after more than in Hanoi's building along the county, county youth and hedong county, set up 12 stations. The total investment of the project is about $650 million. The main source of funds is China's "two prime loans".

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