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The Tunnel Used Good Quality Muck Car Transport Vehicles Apply For Tunnel Engineering
- May 03, 2017 -

The muck car is the muck direct transport vehicles, during design must obey the following points:

(1)   the muck car must has a certain stiffness and strength, to ensure not occur transpormation or deformation, meanwhile also can’t design overweight, otherwise, will cause the gantry crane over 45t design;

(2)   The muck car muck bucket and seatbase must be relatively independent two parts, to make the gantry crane during lifting only hang the bucket, and the seatbase are not lift at the same time.

(3)   Five gantry crane capacity must guarantee one time loading each ring soil

(4)   The muck car width can’t exceed shield internal max limit width, that is 1600mm, and has certain of surplus

(5)   The turning radium not large than 25m

(6)    The muck car length and mortar vehicle and segment car should consider at the same time, the whole train length can’t exceed the shield horizontal belt conveyor limit width, otherwise, the last muck car will can’t load the muck.

6m3 muck car from Zhongsui company