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The Tunnel Segment Character
- Sep 16, 2017 -

Henan Zhongsui Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd is a company professional manufacture tunnel rolling stock, tunnel battery locomotive, tunnel diesel electric locomotives, muck car, tunnel mortar vehicles, and segment cars, etc. 

A) the tunnel segment car structure retained the truss structure,the slope rubber cushion, double mechanical manual brake;.But new increase the four surrounding inlaid protection strips, to prevent the squash of the rubber cushion when placed segment and have the steps of convenient pipe lifting.

B) According to site use experience, in some cases, the segment car need to lengthen, convenient to incidental to transport such as transport oil barrels, tools in and out of the tunnel, for this purpose, our company new design a long segment car, and general advice user use one battery locomotive adopt one short segment car and one extended segment car to use cooperatively.