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The Tunnel Diesel Locomotive’s Operation Preparation And Preparation Work
- Sep 13, 2017 -

The tunnel diesel locomotive’s operation preparation and preparation work:

1 check hand-over records whether has any legacy, especially of the locomotive brake shoe routine inspection record.

2 check the diesel locomotive body and check around.

A wheel (including the diesel electric locomotive’s wheels) under has no obstacles and block;

B Check whether the diesel locomotive’s body have any grease or flammable attach themselves on it;

C cab lamps and glass are damaged or clear on both ends

D Check whether has connected to the site cables or any attachments

3 check the brake unit, braking resistor cabinet and the outer reactor whether is normal.

4 check each diesel locomotive’s body , whether has close connect with the carbody connections.

5. To ensure the normal state of the engine, generator output switch, total power switch Q1, control the power switch of F1.

6 check the electricity load such as lamp, fan and the horn before and after closed, open the switch F2.