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The Tunnel Construction Used Battery Locomotive And Diesel Locomotive For Shield Tunnel
- Sep 01, 2017 -

1. Shield tunnel construction transportation battery locomotive should choose according to shield driving speed and tunnel length to choose mode of transportation locomotives, transport machinery and its supporting tunnel diesel locomotive facilities. When using rail battery locomotive, horizontal and vertical transport convension should comply with the safe and convenient principle.

2, The tunneling engineering horizontal transportation should adopt rail battery locomotives  transportation. The rail should be kept smooth, straight, fixed firmly, rail gauge error shall comply with the relevant provisions.

3, When long distance driving, should be set at a reasonable location of lanes or switch device for Volvo diesel locomotive.

4, The tunnel diesel locomotive tractor traction ability should meet the tunnel requirements of the maximum longitudinal slope and tunnel traction coefficient.

5, The tunnel shield tunneling battery locomotive should meet the requirements of the slagging, feed and boring speed.

6, boring machine vertical transport mode should be according to the depth of the shaft, tunnel boring machine speed factors comprehensive consideration, to improve of shield construction lifting equipment lifting capacity to meet the needs of the slagging and  feed requirement.

7, The vertical transport of tunneling equipment should according to the safety requirement  adopt stabilization protection facilities. Vertical transport corridor can not have hinder transport obstacles.

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