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The Tunnel Battey Locomotive For Tbm Shield Supporting Walking Part
- Oct 17, 2017 -

The tunnel battey locomotive for tbm shield supporting machine

Car body , vibration reduction and walking system introduce: 

1.Body and vibration reduction:

Structure: to meet a certain viscosity, the battery locomotive body is weldedand assembled from medium and thick steel plate, and is a frame bearing structure.It can also bear the load of the tunnel traction and braking in locomotive operation.

2. Layout: the front of the battery locomotive locomotive body is in the driver's cab, the center is set in the battery box, and the air compressor room is placed in the upper part of the car.Traction motor, basic brake ( brake shoe ) and anti-slip braking system are assembled inside the body.

3. Shock absorber and shape: the locomotive body cushioned with a v-shaped steel rubber spring, the locomotive has no obvious wobble in the running of the locomotive. Locomotive traction seat is the shaft pin form structure.At the bottom of the car body before and after along up slightly, have not less than 6 ° close and Angle of departure, to ensure that big ramp the locomotive don’t not touch the rail..In the front and back end of the locomotive bottom speed reducer, safety stop is set to prevent accidental injury to the bottom shell of the reducer.

The tunnel battery locomotive speed regulation adopts the variable frequency speed regulation mode, start smooth, no obvious impact. Good quality, simple structure and easy maintenance. It is mainly used for railway shield tunneling, hydraulic tunnel and coal mine unbridged area. The main electrical components are developed by using our company to introduce the mature railway locomotive electric transmission technology.