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The Tunnel Battery Locomotive Tractor Normal Necessary Construction Requirement
- Sep 01, 2017 -

In order to ensure the normal construction of tunnel battery locomotive tractor, should prepare a series of preparatory work , mainly including 1. Tip reinforce 2. Hole cutting and ring mounting installation;3. Ground relevant supporting facilities installation and trial run4.shield tunneling machine tray and counter-force frame Installation5. the steel rail laying; 6. Shield tunneling machine descend the well, assembly and debugging, etc.

End reinforcement: before the tbm start, generally should be evaluated the hole layer stability, and take the pointed treatment measure. The battery locomotive end reinforcement of 45T tunnel diesel locomotive is generally used mixing piles, chemical spinning pile, plain concrete continuous wall, freezing method, grouting method, SMW method, etc. Choose which method should according to the specific stratigraphic situation, and strictly control the whole process. The end reinforcing soil must have good stability and water resistance, ensuring that the end of the soil is not leaking when the shield machine starts

Hole cutting: before explode the hole door, needs to be perforated in the scope of the door, the depth is about 1.5 ~ 2.0 m, the distance is about 1m, and through observing whether has water seepage and leak sand to distinguish the hole safety. If there is no obvious leakage hole, the tunnel portal partition block is chipped and removed.

Ground related supporting system: the ground system mainly includes residual soil, segment transportation system, mixing station grouting system, battery locomotive charging system, tunnel ventilation system, communication system, etc

The Bracket mounting: the shield tunneling machine should be at a certain slope starting, but considering the boring tunneling machine of shield in the initial excavating process, due to its own centre of gravity is near the front, starting tunneling easily produce "kowtow" phenomenon, bracket level should be higher than the design elevation of 20 ~ 30 mm, tunnel boring machine bracket installation should be set according to shield construction machine plan posture, vertical with the tunnel portal to put, bracket composed of structural steel , processing and assembling on site.

Counterforce frame installation: underground boring machine counterforce frame composed of steel ring, backup support frame, and steel support, when the boring equipment reverse force when shield tunneling forward, through the counterforce frame passed on to the main structure of the baseboard and floor roof, boring machine of shield counterforce frame should be perpendicular to the bracket, that’s perpendicular with boring equipment shield posture.

Track rail gauge laying: before the shield machine has entered the tunnel, should lay temporary rail, for the use of the battery electric locomotive and vehicle use. 

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