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The Selection Of Tunnel Segment Car
- Sep 22, 2017 -

The segment car is the only carrier to carry the outside segment from the hole to the shield structure. Each train has two sections,each section are install 3 pcs segments. The design should be noted as follows:

(1) at the same time considering internal limit size of shield machine and segment design size,according to domestic segment design has two kinds, namely 1200 mm and 1500 mm, so the segment width when car design general no more than the two specifications respectively;

(2) segment stacked in the segment car, must contact with segment car softely, which set up special rubber mat, rubber pad position should be suitable for segment stress,to prevent damage of segment in the process of transportation;

(3) according to the segment car arc-shaped, segment car should be designed to be "concave" line structure, in order to make sure the bottom segment and segment car "three line" a good contact, and should be left the lifting rope space. 

(4) three segment stacked on the segment and a shield machine lifting car lifting the last segment, must upper pass the second segment,, so the first block and the second block segment to segment the car distance on the top of the rail is 2014 mm and 1593 mm respectively;

(5) the turning radius should not be greater than 25m;

(6) the walking device shall set up the buffer device and the braking is reliable;

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