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The selection of Tunnel Battery Locomotives
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Battery locomotives is the power tools to take the soil to shield machine to transport out, whether to choose proper locomotives directly related to hole transport can run normally, so we are main consider is as follows:

(1) Every locomotives must have traction capacity of load one mortar vehicle, two segment cars and five muck cars full load capacity;

(2) Can guarantee safe starting on 35 ‰ slope and pulling the whole train moving;

(3) With electric brake, air brake and hand brake three braking way;

(4) With frequency conversion device, so as to adapt to different working conditions;

(5) Equipped with battery one-time charge to assure the transport of 10 km;

(6) Because of the battery locomotives with muck car, mortar vehicle, segment car are one whole transport system,therefore,should has overall deployment on the brake,gauge and connection mode.

Eventually determine: adopt 45 t battery locomotives, the overall adopts exhaust brake, 900 mm gauge, connection mode using G3/4 quick connectors, height of 430 mm from the rail surface connection.