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The Second Line Of Shijiazhuang Metro Line 2 Is Connected With A Double Line
- May 03, 2018 -

On April 29, along with the "construction" of shield machine cutter head slowly rotating, the China Railway group co., LTD., construction of shijiazhuang urban rail transit line no. 2 a bid phase of 07 - LanTianSheng wooden stand - canal bridge station shield interval right line through smoothly.This marks the realization of the double line between the two lines of the blue sky shengmu - canal bridge station of shijiazhuang metro line 2.

The blue sky shengmu station is the starting point of the blue tianshengmu station, and the construction of the main street in shijiazhuang city is located at 1322 meters in length.Unearthed in influence, material shortage, ground traffic, all kinds of city life underground pipeline complex cases, such as "project staff joining into constantly sum up and optimization of construction scheme, strengthen the construction process control, steadily push forward the site to carry out all work."In the process of construction, the project staff joining into is overcome to wear under the shijiazhuang through the line, west to qualify and Shi Ji high-speed passenger dedicated line level of the difficulty of risk source, finished linking between the task safely and efficiently.

It is reported that, in the next construction, shijiazhuang metro line 2 project shield "steel long dragon" will continue to carry on the chang 'an park station - the blue tianshengmu station between the tunneling.