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The Muck Car Role In The Tunnel And Tbm Construction
- Aug 25, 2017 -

The tunnel construction and TBM construction, the reasonable mating method, should according to tunneling process, to match equipments.

Tempo one, shield tunneling machine excavation, the muck car filled the soil. Each time the length of the tunneling is determined by the width of the each ring segment’s design, such as 1.2m, or 1.5m,etc. Note that considering the shield machine internal structure and turning radius, Henan Zhongsui produced  muck cars are generally made into 16cubic meter, 18 cubic meter and 20 cubic meter specifications, and each of them is composed of a group by 3-5 sections; Each group is equipped with 1 grount car and 2 segment car.

Tempo. 2. The shield machine stops the drivage, install the presets precast concrete pipe, grouting, and the muck car marshalling car to return to and from to transport the earth. The residue is shipped out, the segment and mortar are transported in. battery locomotive tractor + residual earth vehicle + segment car + mortar car, is our company standard group configuration. Users can add personnel carriers(that is man ride car) and other configurations such as pisolite stone vehicles according to the construction conditions. The tonnage size of the traction locomotive is determined by the diameter of the tunnel, the width of each ring and the slope of the tunnel. As for supporting equipment for shield construction, should confirm each tunnel length to comfirm to match one or two or three muck cars. 


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