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The Main Concern Of Subway Construction Transportation Safety Question
- Oct 09, 2017 -

A, How about the tunnel battery locomotive failed in transit. What about the skipping ?

B, the operation of the driver on the ramp is not in accordance with the conditions of locomotive traction. The consequences are serious. What should we do?

C, the battery is very expensive, but the rechargeable worker and the driver cooperate have the gap, overcharge or overdischarge seriously, the life of the battery is very short, how to do?

D. The driver is at random, the maintenance is not keeping up, the locomotive is not enough power is also in use, there is danger and the driver does not know, how to do?

E, the driver in the operation of the tunnel battery locomotives only rely on experience to judge, and the driver is newly recruited temporary workers, the basic quality is lower, how to do?

F, the driver night shift only one people, easy to fall asleep, how do you fall asleep in your driving?

Henan Zhongsui tunnel equipment manufacturing co., LTD. tunnel battery powered Locomotive latest function to help you solve!

1. The power of automatic detection system can be driven normally.Do not meet the requirements, limit the function, low - speed work, can adjust to the maintenance adjustment point.

2. During the tunnel battery operated locomotive dynamic detection system in operation,when the driver stop for three seconds, and the subway tunnel battery locomotive will brake automatically.The electric part of the battery locomotive fails, the locomotive electric seperate, before the driver discovers, or the tunnel electric locomotive driver takes measures, the tunnel battery electric locomotive will automatically brake.

3,When the tunnel battery locomotive  in the operation of the locomotive detection load condition, under the driver operating speed load, normal operation according to the driver operating speed gear, load more than the set value, the driver operating speed gear shift down operation, ensuring the safety of the battery, inverter and other electrical components, safe in operation.

4. The remote control function of the controller can be controlled by the tunnel battery locomotive under the precondition of the driver's opening operation, and can also control some functions, such as point movement, acceleration, deceleration, emergency braking

5. In the computer chip, the 2d array of standard batteries is added according to the standard, the quality of the battery is detected in the dynamic, and the driver's screen will be called according to the needs of the driver.Record the battery status while the battery is installed, showing in the driver's display that the driver will be prompted when the battery is not enough.

6. The operating handle is designed according to the vehicle group, which is easy to operate and has high reliability.Equipped with two - machine interconnect function.

Latest features:

1, test driver in the operation of the operating conditions, long time no operation, asked the driver must be set in the set time button action prove not sleepy, long button press or release all cannot prove driver, computer control panel only identify the pulse signal, prevent head driver time press mislead the control panel.

2. Driving auxiliary brake.The computer control board automatically discriminates the driving state of the locomotive, decelerating or downslope automatically to carry on the auxiliary brake.Avoid damaging batteries and inverters.