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The Large Traction Of Tunnel Battery Locomotive Braking System Principle Diagram
- Sep 01, 2017 -

The narrow gauge battery locomotives braking theory compared with the single tube brake, has following advantages:

1)     If the battery locomotives is in walking, if the battery locomotive traction pin is falls off, connect air hose brake disconnected, or the pipe joint is fall off(leak), the battery locomotive can brake itself.

2)     During the long slope process, the battery locomotives can overcome because the frequent brake, caused the battery locomotive supply gas time and supply gas amount reduce, resulting the quick decline on the air pressure.

3)     The battery generator locomotives can overcome the single line braking existing braking and remove braking, battery locomotive braking lag. That is when brake vehicle bump locomotive, and when remove braking the rail tunnel battery locomotive has been slipping and towed.

4)     The battery locomotive aach vehicle can alone parking brake, so that can separate parking on the ramp.

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