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The Diesel Locomotive’s Application Advantages Of The Electromechanical Tunnel Construction Locomotives
- Aug 31, 2017 -

The diesel locomotive also mechanical and electrical tunnel diesel locomotive tractor is very reliable and stable, good controllability performance. Due to our development electromechanical tunnel diesel locomotives, the driving wheel tread diameter increasing, increased the locomotive allowable adhesion coefficient, the measured reached 0.28 above (dc locomotive, 0.2).The diesel locomotive as the same heavy could tract big heavy load than dc diesel locomotives, meanwhile in accelerated process the wheel are not easy to slide, to ensure the reliability of the traction. The diesel locomotives’s brake performance is good, when need brake, the frequency converter could make the ac motor from motor condition invert into generation status, through transmission system to have braking to walking wheel, that’s electric braking. The electric braking operation condition are same with electric braking, the diesel locomotive braking operation is very simple, system responds quickly to dc motor, and not exist part friction and wear, therefore, tunnel and metro tunneling construction diesel locomotives’s braking capacity, and performance is superior to the dc battery locomotive.

The diesel locomotive energy use efficiency is high, when diesel locomotive start, should through frequency change speed from zero to normal speed transformation, this process that not additional waste power, and dc battery locomotive starts, by an external resistor to limit the starting current, part of the electricity consumption in resistance, when brake, mechanical and electrical diesel locomotive train change the inertial force into electricity, in turn, the battery powered locomotive consumption the train inertia force on the brake shoe and resistance, therefore ac diesel locomotive energy efficiency is higher than dc diesel locomotive.

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