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The Composition Of The Shield Machine And The Role Of Tbm Diesel Powered Locomotives
- Nov 04, 2017 -

The composition of the shield machine and the role of each component in the tunnel construction

The shield machine diameter of the cutter head is 6.28 m, the total length is more than 80 m,the shield body length is 8.5 m, and the shield supporting equipment is 72 m. The total weight is about 480t, the total power is 1577kW, the maximum tunneling torque is 5300kN ·m, the maximum propulsion force is 36400kN, and the maximum tunneling speed is 8cm min. 

The shield machine is mainly composed of nine parts, which are the cutter head, shield body, cutter head drive, double-chamber air lock, segment assembly machine, earth-discharging mechanism, back-fitting device, electrical system and auxiliary equipment.

Basic Info:

Motive Power:Electric ac

Product Description

Henan Zhongsui Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd would supply Diesel-Electric locomotives:

Application in main line, branch line,tunneling,metro,subway,coalmine.

Service power from 150KW to 320KW.

Traction Gauge: 600mm, 762 mm, 900 mm.

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