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The Classification Of Shield Machine
- Aug 24, 2017 -

According to the section type, the shield machine can be include three types, that is :round shield, multiple shield and not circle shield.

The round shield is one principal axis drive the knife rotate, multiple shield is many round shield cutter stagger, not circle shied is form is more complicated; Non round shield knife can be simplized for 4 parts, that is rack(shield head), principal axis I, main axis II, jackshaft (fixed knife ), these 4 parts constitute 1 connect 4 movement mechanism, main axis 1 and main axis 2 according to setting rotate speed turn, the jackshaft sweep area is no circular shield excavation face. Only need to adjust the main axis 1 and main axis 2 length and rotate speed, that can control excavation shape. Hence, according to the actual engineering requirements will design to cross section shape design into a rectangular, oval and horseshoe.

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