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The Characteristics Of Tunnel Construction Used Battery Locomotives
- Apr 25, 2017 -

The characteristics of battery locomotives

A) The battery locomotives special inverter adopts the speed sensorless direct torque control (DTC), can obviously improve the battery locomotive’s adhesion coefficient at low speed, strong climbing performance, energy-saving effect is remarkable, the standard configuration 620 battery life cruising power is strong; Stable performance, the longest running time trouble-free record up to 2 years.

B) The locomotives adopt 120 kw traction motor, large traction, in 35 ‰ of slopes can be uphill running at traction weight of 250 tons marshalling train at 8 ~ 9 km/h speed; Can stop on the ramp and continue to start to continue running. Under the condition of not placing battery (the vehicle weight is 32 tons) straight rail traction test of 170 kn.

C) battery braking system adopts double pipe line method joint electric braking system, the whole train brake alleviate quickly finish (within 3 seconds), and has function of stage braking and phase ease, barely able to breathe when air leakage cases, automatic braking. The brake cylinder with spring parking brake function, brake functions can be manually, convenient at no wind when mobile vehicles, high security on the ramp.

D) console using bending cabinet put oneself in another's position, l-shaped structure, the lateral posterior ground maintenance, operation simple, the driver room space is large, the everbright.

E) can be designed according to user requirements for storage battery, including the function of intelligent design and the structure of the major changes, such as unmanned systems, battery alarm system, locomotive anti-running device, sleepy prevention device, the door interlock device and the wired or wireless infrared video monitoring system in the storage battery configuration.