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The Characteristics Of NJ - 45 Type Diesel Locomotive Itself
- Aug 29, 2017 -

The characteristics of NJ - 45 type diesel locomotive itself:

Type diesel locomotive air brake system use double spring brake cylinder, when the locomotive running, such as using air brake through the pedal control valves – control valve give gas-relay valve supply air, relay valve feed air-brake cylinder-brake shoe-realize air brake generation and air brake size. When diesel locomotive are parking, through rotary valve by manual-control-control valve air cut-relay valve exhaust-brake cylinder reset spring role-brake shoe-realize spring braking produce. But parking braking spring force only adjust when maintenance, during locomotive running can’t adjust. Due to the spring force already can reliably realize parking brake, so NJ- 45 type diesel electrical locomotive cancelled the mechanical brake. But brake cylinder spring journey should be regularly adjusted, otherwise when the brake shoe wear to braking travel to zero, the diesel locomotive will not have any brake.

The diesel hydraulic locomotives two sides all has air brake interface on both ends of the locomotive, is controlled by the driver cab, when the diesel locomotive and the train connected, that is connected all the air brake entire way, otherwise the diesel train engine are always cling to the vehicle wheel, the train will not be able to start.

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