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The advantages of the mechanical and electrical traction locomotive
- Mar 21, 2017 -

The advantages of the mechanical and electrical traction locomotive

Diesel locomotive compare with battery locomotives has the following advantages:

1) The diesel locomotive electrical power supply is adequate, battery life is strong. There is no power outages, undervoltage, has all the advantages of ac locomotives and dc locomotive;

2) Imported Sweden Volvo engine unit, stable performance and reliable performance, low noise, small emissions;

3) mechanical and electrical vehicle refueling convenient, diesel locomotives no need to change the battery to charge for a long time, thus effectively improve the work of marshalling working time; As long as there is oil, the cruising ability is infinite.

4) inverter motor components and control panel generally no touch point,can maintain a long-term reliable operation;

5) ac motor no rectiblock and carbon brush friction components, can long-term free maintenance and free operation.

6)electric braking bear running mostly braking require, brake shoe wear very little;

7) start gently, to avoid the transmission system impact, greatly extend the life span of the drive system.

Therefore, mechanical and electrical locomotive within life span, basically don’t has heavy-repair, engine unit adopts imported engines, stable and reliable performance, brake shoe and wearing parts replacement cycle is long, daily maintenance work is very less.

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