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TERRATEC Double Shield TBM Arrived In Thailand
- Jan 06, 2018 -

Two 4.74m diameter double-shield TBMs respond to complex geological conditions in Thailand

December 21, 2017, The response to the challenging geological conditions requires specialized expertise, so the Royal Thai Irrigation Agency used two double-shield TBMs from Terratec, an Australian manufacturer, for Mae Chiang Mai in northern Thailand Tang-Mae Ngad Diversion Project.

Thai contractors Right Tunnelling and Siamphan will use Phase II of the TBM project with a diameter of 4.74 m (25 km in total, of which Phase II is 15 km long) under the challenging geology of northern Chiang Mai City Mountain area.

Two TBMs are designed to overcome the complex and changing geology of the area. The area consists of granites, gneiss, quartzites and schists, sandstones, siltstones, shale, slate, mudstones and exposed rocks, as well as from massive to strongly crushed, strongly weathered rocks (uniaxial compressive strength 8MPa-220MPa) and other strata, but also faced with a number of fracture zones, broken belt and high water risk.

After the shield supporting the horizontal transport grouping is an important part of the earth pressure balance shield method, at present, the domestic shield construction of the supporting transport systems are basically used rail transport.

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