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TBM Supporting Machine Selection Basic Principle
- Apr 05, 2017 -

The TBM supporting machine, like tunnel battery locomotive, tunnel electric powered locomotive tractors; battery tractor, diesel powered locomotives, mortar vehicle, muck car, segment car, flat car, tour car, etc. back-up equipment choosing basic principle is to ensure the shield machine normal working status, as well as can max. satisfy the one-time transportation each ring soil mass excavated and single-lined belt conveyor supporting equipment, especially muck car, mortar vehicle, segment car and gantry crane equipment character, give full play to equipment role, and take less invest to get max. beneficial value, this is the final purpose of choosing and matching the supporting transport equipments.

The TBM supporting machinery choosing proposal should considered the construction process requirement and configuration cost problem.

The chooses TBM supporting equipment proposal should consider the project process and configuration cost problems.

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