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Specific Requirements For Ground Transportation During Mining
- May 31, 2018 -

Surface and external transportation: the common external transportation modes of manganese ore mountain are quasi-rail railway transportation, automobile transportation, narrow rail transportation, overhead cable transportation and water transportation.When selecting external transportation mode, the following factors can be taken into account:

(1) terrain conditions.The terrain is flat and the slope is gentle, which is conducive to railway transportation.Automobile transportation can adapt to large slope and complex terrain and has been widely used in recent years.In some mountainous areas, the terrain is complex and the height difference is large. If the transportation volume and distance are not too large, aerial ropeway transportation can be adopted.

(2) the scale and service life of mining enterprises.The size of a mining enterprise determines the volume of goods shipped out and in its external transportation.Mining enterprises with large freight volume and long service life may consider railway transportation.Instead, consider transporting by car.