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Shield Machine With Our Tunnel Battery Locomotive Lauched In Nov.
- Nov 02, 2017 -

On October 27, we learned that the first shield machine in the open area and even in xi 'an was started in the lower line of jingwei new town.With a diameter of 6.24 meters and a total weight of 350 tons, the "xi 'an zhizhi", with its international advanced level, is a veritable "big MAC" that will help xi 'an subway line 11.

Shield machine is a kind of using shield method of tunnel boring machine, due to the high degree of automation, using it to dig a tunnel with speed, save manpower, subsidence controlling etc. Advantage, there are even call it the "dragon" underground.

The tunnel battery locomotive's charactor:

The tunnel battery locomotive speed regulation adopts the variable frequency speed regulation mode, start smooth, no obvious impact. Good quality, simple structure and easy maintenance. It is mainly used for railway shield tunneling, hydraulic tunnel and coal mine unbridged area. The main electrical components are developed by using our company to introduce the mature railway locomotive electric transmission technology.