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Qingdao Metro Line 1 Has 82 Construction Sites Have All Started
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Qingdao Metro Line 1 has 82 construction sites have all started across the sea section of Jiaozhou Bay Bay sea tunnel has been excavation 90%

As for now, Qingdao Metro Line 1 across the board 82 points have all started. Among them, Jiaozhou Bay Bay Crossing section of the tunnel has been excavation 90%.

It is understood that Metro Line 1 from the west coast of New Emeishan Road Station, north to Chengyang District Dongguozhuang station, a total length of more than 60 kilometers, is a north-south trunk rail transit lines, all through the link will connect Qingdao Railway Station, Qingdao North Station and North Bus Station and other important transport hub.

Metro Line 1 North Section, which is Metro Line 7 Phase I (Xingguo Road - East Guozhuang Station) is expected to open in 2019!

Recently, at the work conference held by the District Party Committee in Chengyang District, Wang Bo, secretary of the Chengyang District CPC Committee, made an important speech and mainly introduced the construction and planning of the rail transit in Chengyang District.

Wang Bo said that in 2019, Chengyang District will enter the subway era. Next year, Metro Line 1 is not open across the board, but from the North Station to Chengyang section is to be opened.