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Principle Of Earth Pressure Balance Shield Machine With Boring Battery Locomotive
- Nov 04, 2017 -

1. Work principle of shield machine: 

1. The shield machine advancing

The tunneling hydraulic motor drives the shield machine cutter head to rotate. At the same time, start the shield machine to push the oil cylinder, the shield machine to push forward. With the advance of the oil cylinder, the cutter continued to rotate, and the cut soil filled with soil silo. At this time, start the screw conveyer to transport the cut residue to the belt conveyer, and then it is transported to the soil box of the residue truck by the belt conveyer, then by ground wellhead vertically transport to the ground. 

2. When advancing control the waste disposal amount and speed

When the soil silo and screw conveyer soil accumulated to a certain amount,the excavation face cutted residue into silo resistance is increase, when the silo soil and the soil pressure and the underwater pressure balance, the excavation face can keep stable, the earth pressure of the excavation face and the water pressure can keep balance,the excavation corresponding ground part will not collapse or rise,this time only to keep the residue from screw conveyor and residue from muck car balance with the slurry silo soil amount,the excavation can be carried out smoothly.

3.Segment lining

After the distance of a ring in the tunneling of the shield machine, through the segment lining or fault linint assembly single layer lining segment, make the tunnel one time forming. 

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