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Our Company Sign 4 45t Diesel-electric And 2 45t Battery Locomotives To Shenzhen Customer
- May 20, 2017 -

Zhengzhou Zhongsui Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is a state-owned manufacture enterprise. It is secondary subsidiary company of Henan Yuanzhong Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd by share.Henan Zhongsui founded in April, 2015, its registered capital is 300 million RMB which is locate in Wuzhi county, Henan province, covers an area of 178,933 square meters. We have modernized workshops and equipments for assembly, repair, test and maintenance. 

Our supply locomotives include: 

1.4 45T diesel-electric locomotives;
2.2 45T battery tunneling traction equipment locomotive;
3.diesel electric locomotives parts;
4.4 16m3 Muck cars(tunnel,metro);
5.2 Mortar vehicles(tunnel,metro);
6.2 10t Segment car (tunnel,metro);

Our business scope includes: 
1.Assembly, maintenance and relevant service of tunneling matching battery locomotive,diesel locomotive;
2.Railway transportation civil engineering construction;
3.Development and consulting service of railway transportation technology;
4.R&D and sales of railway transportation measurement and maintenance equipment;
5.R&D and sales of electric locomotives; 
6.Providing solutions for tunnel back-up maintenance system 
7.Export and import relevant products;
Our company is professional in rail transit field. The staffs of our company are practiced and efficient. We have the ability to provide high quality products on time by strict quality process control, also we offer excellent service to every customer.

Product Description
Product Application
45t diesel locomotive is designed for the Shenzhen Railway, which is meter-gauged passenger & freight electric-diesel locomotive (Inside corridor) on main line. This locomotive has dual driver's cabs. With Volvo traction motor. The track gauge is 600,762,900mm; axle arrangement is Co-Co; axle load is less than 16.5t; Max. speed is 100km/h. This locomotive is operated at the right side in the driver's cab, and there is computer control system, multi-unit device, radio, rear view mirror and dynamic brake device in this locomotive.

45T battery tunneling traction equipment locomotive

DPC45 t battery locomotive is Straight-AC transmission, narrow gauge battery mining electric locomotive (hereinafter referred to as the locomotive). The locomotive is developed according to the requirements of the subway engineering mechanization construction and development, is the shield supporting transport machine, during construction transport of sand earthwork, material, and equipment special used traction locomotives. Meanwhile, it also suit for coalmine, metallurgy, mining ,railway, highway tunnel construction industry narrow gauge railway ground, the non explosion-proof site transport tractions