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Our Company Diesel Locomotive Has Approved China Standard
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Henan Zhongsui Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is a major tunnel locomotive and rolling stock manufacturer of TUNNEL Construction equipment.

Our company produced tunnel mechanical electrical traction locomotives, adopt new type remote technology, realize the people and diesel locomotive's seperate operate, when the diesel locomotive near the working surface, from the driver's operating room operation changed into work surface personnel romote operation, thourough avoid the car crash accident, avoid the failure of radio communication, make the operation is more humanism operation interface. 

This remote operation function of diesel locomotives is our company gifts items, is during construction has the serious disturbance thus can't use normal,we suggest close this function, this close will not affect other use.

Our diesel locomotive adopt Sweden imported VOLVO generator,has clean emission, high quality, large traction,environmental protection function, the emission gas is clean,no affect the working.