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New tunnel shield construction machine made in Zhengzhou
- Mar 21, 2017 -

Recently, our country made “horseshoe” shield are successful start produce, this world new pioneering shield machine, writing China wonderful heading machine new leading position in the world. "Horseshoe" shield machine due to its excavation section is "U" shape gain the name. From round to "horseshoe", change is not only the shape, but also the technically new leap. According to introducing, compare with conventional round shield construction machine, "horseshoe" shield machine has a lot of difficulties, many highlights. First of all, it has a size of nine knives, strewn at random set, the largest diameter of 4.9m, the minimum of 1.1m, each cutter is independent of the control system, can be combined freely, can at the same time, single and different direction of rotation, like "thousand-Hand Kwan-yin ". Comparatively with round shield machinery one big broadsword rotating,one control system “extensive” construction, the horseshoe shield machine can according to different soil layer for the fine excavation of large area.But also because the horseshoe shield machine without "center symmetric point", this nine knives of fine design, manufacturing has become a big difficulty.

In addition, the horseshoe shield machine on the unearthed equipment also achieved new breakthroughs, it has a new screw conveyor than the round shield machine, can not only better adjust excavation soil layer soil tank pressure, also can greatly improve the efficiency of shield machine driving unearthed. But how in the underground narrow space, reasonable "put" them, and not affect other equipment normal operation, the design personnel past hundred times repeated scientific research test finally succeed. "Horseshoe" shield tunneling machine’s birth, marking the world shaped tunnel boring machine developed towards a new stage, also marked our country has independent intellectual property rights of design and construction of large cross-section horseshoe shield technology, implements the autonomization and intelligent of shaped shield equipment. This global initiative tunnel excavation process will greatly improve tunnel space utilization, compare with round section reduced 10% ~ 15% of excavation area , for our country high-end equipment to enter the international market provides a strong engineering example.