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Mortar Vehicle Introduce
- Apr 01, 2017 -

Mortar vehicle choosing:

The mortar vehicles are mainly put mortar from tunnel outside to transport into shield machines store slurry pool on car, meet every ring synchronous biggest grouting quantity , so do the following consider:

(1) the maximum grouting volume 7 m3;

(2) meet the threshold of the shield machine size limit, limit of 1600 mm, so the design width is 1400 mm;

(3) turning radius shall not be greater than 25 m;

(4) the slurry should be smoothly pulled out from the mortar car, therefore, then set the special mixing mechanism to prevent precipitation, and the stirring driving device noise should be low, the stirring power of 18.5 kW.

(5) set up suitable sealing structure for solid particles of mortar seal device, mortar transport pump quality is reliable, durable use,mortar outlet pressure 1.2 MPa, 11 kW power;

(6) material box and walking suspension gear are as one body.

Comprehensive consideration, the size of the mortar vehicle design size is length x width x height = 5480 mm * 1400 mm * 2300 mm.